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This resort-like community welcomes everyone with a grand entrance gate, coupled with 24 x 7 roving security guards ready to provide you and your family safety and security. The group’s topmost priority is really to keep the neighborhood safe and secure at all times. Everyone can sleep peacefully knowing that everything will be taken cared of. How great is that? 

You will be delighted to know that there is a Clubhouse where you can hold special milestones and events in your lives. Be it a birthday, bridal shower party, graduation, moving-up or a baptismal party --- any occasion is worth celebrating here. Invite family and friends as you bond and make the most of the occasion. Or book friendly meet-ups with your closest friends, sing the nights out with videoke sessions and just have pure fun. No need to think of   going home at an unholy hour since it is right where you live. Here’s more:  as you want to always be abreast with your friends, it is noteworthy to mention that WIFI is available right here at the Clubhouse. So you can instantly post your fun group photos online. It surely must be one night to remember and you can do this all over again on another occasion. There can never be a limit to having a good time with dear friends. 

As you wake up to the bright morning sun – the best thing to do is enjoy the views around the community with the well-manicured gardens, colorful blooms and pocket parks. At dusk before the day ends is also another story. You can just sit down, lounge, sip your favorite drink or read a book and watch the sun  sets. Life is beautiful. Watching beautiful sunsets will be an ordinary, regular time-tested stress-buster as you go through 5 full days of work, school and activities. 

As you appreciate all the things that you see and feel, go on walking, running and jogging sessions with dear ones in the community’s jogging trails. Start and end the days just doing what you love most with family and friends.  Or do some daily biking as they also have biking paths. Doing this keeps you fit, healthy and well connected with your love ones. You can also do some weekend activities like picnics, barbecue parties and just lounging the days at the community since there are picnic groves, barbecue pits and water fountains all around. Enough for you to enjoy what life brings and forget all the concerns away. 

Kids will surely love both the playgrounds and swimming pool as part of the amenities that will make your weekends fun and enjoyable. Plan for swimming parties and swim and frolic in the water while the parents can happily watch over. Read a book or sip your favorite drink while basking in the sun. Fun games can be safely played as well in the playgrounds available in the neighborhood.

  • Playground
  • Swimming Pool
  • Water Fountain
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